3 Great Ways to Add Color to Your Home – Part 2


Hi!  It’s Jacquin of Interiors by Jacquin and I’m back with Part 2 of 3 Great Ways to Add Color to Your Home!  We all want our home to be a relaxing oasis and decorating with style, color, and comfort are the primary ways to achieve this.  As home is naturally a place of comfort, here are three key tips to make sure you aren’t missing out on the style and color aspects.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out Part 1, be sure to stop by the post here to get caught up.  Let’s get started!

1.  Hang colorful artwork! 

My primary rule for decorating is to have at least one work of art up in each room.  It’s a fun way to add color to a room and also show your personality based on your art taste.  Here are two lovely, budget art finds from Z Gallerie and Ikea to get you started on a fabulous gallery wall!  Take care to select artwork you really enjoy, as you’ll find that it will instantly be a focal point in your room.  It’s easy to see how wall artwork can be an attactive focal point from the lovely room designs below, both featurig stunning wall art.


Images via:  1  //  2  //  3  //  4


2.  Decorate with the natural beauty of plants & flowers!

Bring the outdoors inside with the natural beauty of plants and flowers!  Just take a look at the impact colorful plants have on these beautiful rooms below! If you love a do-it yourself project, you may just want to try your hand at creating the brightly colored, branch and floral headboard featured here. Simply tie strings of flowers onto a large sized branch and then adhere the branch to the wall above your bed.  A unique a special feature for the nature lover and DIY crafter!  

If you don’t have a green thumb try planting cactus in brightly colored flower pots. Cactus is easy to care for, so a great houseplant choice for beginners, and its rich green color is sure to add to your space!  Not feeling like trying your hand at gardening? Don’t foget you can simply pick up some richly hued flowers and greenery at the market and place them in vases around your home.  The more the merrier and don’t be afraid to mix and match flower colors!


Images via:  1  //  2  //  3  //  4


3.  Introduce bright & colorful light fixtures!

Everyone needs lighting in their home, so selecting your lighting is a great opportunity to bring color into your space.  Whether you’re looking for a table lamp, chandelier, or floor lamp, I’ve got the perfect, colorful light fixture for you! Take a look at my top picks for brightly colored light fixtures!


Table Lamp Images via:  1  //  2  //  3

Chandelier Images via:   1  //  2  //  3

Floor Lamp Images via:  1 //  2  //   3

Now that you have all of my great tips for adding color to your home, go forth and conquer color!  Thanks for tuning in!

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