6 Simple Ways to Help Someone Feel Better Today


Help Someone Feel Better About Themselves

Back in the old days, communities, tribes, folk and families thrived on doing things together. Not only did ways to help someone feel better about themselves come naturally, it was “normal”.

Nowadays the trend in our society is for people to be separated from one another.

Our daily thoughts and actions are mostly centered around what we do for ourselves as individuals. More me, less you.

People used to stop in the streets to have a chat, take the time to speak to their neighbours when walking by. Smartphones and computers have distanced us from our communication with our fellow human beings.

I see this a lot when riding public transport in Vienna. We are so immersed in the information we are reading online, that we do not even for a moment, raise our heads when someone sits down next to us.

Television has planted us firmly in our living rooms, instead of out in the company of friends,family and colleagues.

Of course, I am not making any generalizations, it just seems to be the norm in our daily lives.

Take steps to connect with both strangers and loved ones.

You can take actions to help someone feel better or do something good for another person.Not next month, not next week, but today.

Why help someone feel better?

Selfish Reason: When you help someone feel better, you feel better about yourself.

Good Reason: It allows you to connects with another person and build relationships.

Better Reason: When you help someone feel better, they, in turn, want to pay it forward.

Amazing Reason: You are making a contribution to making our world a better place.

Spare a few minutes today to show a little kindness and compassion for someone else. There are so many ways to help someone feel better. I can think of thousands right off the top of my head.

Need a nudge, an idea or motivation? Here are 6 simple ways to make someone feel better today.


I am very shy, so I am less quick to offer my smile to a stranger. When I catch someone’s eye, I usually tend to start smiling, to gauge their reaction. It usually ends in both of us smiling at each other. Simple. It will leave the person receiving your smile feel a bit better, and maybe even make their day brighter. In turn, it might motivate them to offer their smile to another person.


The biggest lie told on a daily basis is “I’m fine”. If you can tell someone is sad, angry, or frustrated or just needs someone who will listen, be that person. You can help someone feel better by lending an ear. It is often enough to just be there for that person. Trust me, they will be grateful.


Help someone feel better about themselves by showing appreciation. I am guilty of not doing this enough with my hubby. He is so caring with our little one, great around the house, and super supportive. While I praise him a lot, I feel like I could still offer it more.

Why appreciate someone from afar, without expressing it to them directly? Let the person know how much you appreciate their work, their help, support, their time.

It will make both of you feel better. Knowing you are appreciated will always warm your heart.


If you see someone in need of help, just stop. Ask what you can do to help them. You never know how long they might have been waiting for someone to offer a lending hand.

You have two hands – one to help yourself, and the other to help others.

“A good deed brightens a dark world”


Leave an email, text message, or better yet, a handwritten note someone how much you appreciate them, or how proud you are of them. Let them know you are thankful and grateful for being in your life. I love receiving cards or little post its or messages on the whiteboard in and around the house from my hubby.

Last week a colleague left me a lovely note of appreciation on my desk. I was very touched and it really made me feel better about myself.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Let those around you, family and friends know how much you love them.

You cannot say it enough so never miss a moment to do so. I tell my hubby and little one constantly how much I love them.

I let them both know this as many times a day, every single day. This is not about making someone feel better or making yourself happier, but really expressing what is in your heart. The greatest part of knowing another human is experiencing life together.

You will love yourself for knowing you affected someone in a positive way, and as a consequence, so many others.

I hope you will take these simple ways to help someone feel better into consideration and carry them out in your day today!

In the comments section below, Let me know one thing you have done today, to help someone feel better about themselves.

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