A Fashion Blogger’s Guide to SEO


Attention all fellow fashion bloggers! “Who out here has been victimized by SEO?”
*raises hand*

If you’re a blogger, either old or new, you (should) know the importance of SEO and how it boosts your blog when searching for style looks. Initially when we started CCC, we had no idea what SEO was and let alone how to use it correctly. As we revamped our blog, learned more about the industry, and became more technologically advanced, we were able to start using our SEO effectively. Since then, we’re seeing our posts come up a lot more often (and sooner) within Google when we search for similar posts, and that’s exactly what we’re asking for!

After researching various sites telling you exactly all that goes in SEO, I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed with all the information out there and I was having a hard time keeping up with everything that needed to be accomplished. So my gift to you, from one fashion blogger to the next, both old and new, is a quick an easy guide to SEO in only FIVE steps. Yes, you heard me right, F-I-V-E easy steps.

I came up with this method in order to help me remember all of the SEO check boxes when writing my posts. Simply put, I’m calling it the Countdown Method (Hey Bey!) and it’s super easy to remember! So here you go in 5-4-3-2-1!

*FYI* We use YOAST on WordPress as our SEO tool

5 Photos with Alt-Text/Image Titles

This refers to the option/need to have at least five images with both Alt Text and Image Titles. When you upload your photos into WordPress, over to the right there’s a slot for Title and Alt. Text. You want to make sure both are descriptive to your image and not something like D-3506, which is what my camera labels my photos. Just be sure to change the titles in the Edit Image section!

ccc ss atachmentdetails

4 Mentions of your focus keyword

This one is sometimes tough to complete without it sounding too gimmicky. In many cases, you want to select a focus keyword that flows well into your normal tone of voice. For example, I might say something like “I’m absolutely in love with this chambray Top!” and not say “I’m absolutely in love with this off the shoulder chambray crop top!” With the focus keyword being chambray in the first example, and “off the shoulder chambray crop top”, in the second, 4 mentions of that one keyword (or smaller phrase) should do the trick. The idea is to be descriptive, but not too specific to where it’s awkward to read.

P.S. You can also include your focus keyword in the Alt. Text

3(00) Words

I’ll admit, this gets a little tough when writing fashion pieces but you want to have at least 300 words in each and every post. You can see the word count in the bottom left hand side of the post text prior to publishing. Try getting as close as you can without rambling or going off topic. In many of my posts, I’ll talk about why I love a certain piece or other places to wear it. Even get personal if you like!

2 Internal Links

Now this is a big one! Many bloggers (myself included!) don’t add enough links that link back to another post on your blog. When just starting out, bloggers normally like to link to their products or items they’re wearing but often forget that a successful blog is one that continuously engages its readers! In any and all efforts to keep readers around, link back to older posts that either have the same items or similar topics. The more the better!

ccc ss internallinks

1 Focus Keyword

Last, but definitely not least, chose one (or a very small phrase) for your focus keyword and plug it in wherever you can! This is a short phrase that basically holds the entire post together. The idea is for each post to be unique and have a specific keyword to help someone find the most appropriate blog post. Be sure to choose something relevant to your blog and the post before committing!

So there you have it! Our quick and easy method to getting those green buttons on your Yoast SEO Green! Of course there are many other factors but as a fashion blogger, these were the one’s we knew we needed to focus on the most! We would love to hear about the changes you made on your blogs to optimize your SEO!


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