Announcing the Blog Series: Dear Little Sis


 Sisterhood. It is a biological or symbolic connection between women. Sisters sit in living rooms with bowls of ice cream or sip cups of tea in coffee shops, as they share challenges and triumphs with each other. I have many older sisters. I am biologically related to two sisters while I know other sisters from community spaces. These sisters have highlighted my talents and encouraged my growth. They have complimented me on my writing and my commitment to being a naturalista.

I am interested in giving similar compliments to my own “little sisters.”  In April and May, I will be posting personalized letters to three teenagers on my blog. Even though I am still learning about life, I want to share tips about identity, love, and creativity with the girls. There is power in them knowing what I have experienced, so they can hopefully avoid some blunders.

I am thrilled to be hosting this new blog series, “Dear Little Sis!” I would love it if you checked out the Introduction to it. Blessings!

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