Are You Happy to be in Paris?


I found myself in this lovely city for the second time, and as they say, “Paris is always a good idea”! People talk so much trash about this city and I don’t know why. Haters! Rolling up on the Eiffel Tower, and the Louve and the Arc de Tripmphe will never get old to me. I told myself I won’t go back because there is so much more of the world I want to see, but something tells me this won’t be the last time I will find myself in this city.

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Two of the main reasons I wanted to go back to Paris this time are because A) I wanted to shoot it for my blog, and  B) I wanted to see the Love Locks bridge which wasn’t around when I went in 2007. So clearly it only made sense to do my blog shoot on the bridge. Enjoy the pics!

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 I bought this skirt for work,  but when I was trying on clothes and deciding what I wanted to pack, I knew I had to wear this in Paris. It could have been -10° or 100°, I was going to make this look work. It was so—dare I say—Parisian! Maybe not so much with the sneakers, but I’m no fool. Comfy shoes are a must when travelling.

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WEARING: gap sweater, ann taylor loft skirt, scarf from dsw, xoxo leopard sneakers, zara trench

**Simply Chic Travel Tip: Paris**
When you are at the Eiffel Tower, there are several vendors selling ice cream (the same kind I think). Get some. It’s so delicious. Also, I did not go up the Eiffel Tower this time, but from what I hear you have to buy advance tickets now. If you can’t go up, don’t fret. The views of the city are better from the Arc de Triomphe. Just be prepared to walk up 284 stairs! It’s worth every step.

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