Meet Alvan, Fiona, Paloma, Franklyn and Chidera who speak about their distinctive style which complements their characters. This is a short documentary film that addresses how fashion and style is more than merely aesthetic but is subversive, symbolic and political. The documentary addresses how one should fully embrace their autonomy and reject social norms through clothing and style. It touches on individuality through clothing, androgyny, challenging gender roles, race and stereotypes of blackness, body positivity and more.

Style Consultant at, Alvan expresses his opinion on the importance of appearance and presenting himself in most times a formal manner, similarly to Fiona who views wearing heels as an essential contribution to her daily appearance. Franklyn though describes his dressing as a political rebellion refusing to condone respectability politics and dressing how he feels comfortable in trainers and hoodies despite the racialized stereotypes these bring (Click to read article ‘Why I Choose to Wear a Hoodie’). Paloma also feels deeply about being free to express herself in whatever way she feels comfortable. Often her dressing breaks social norms; specifically those which regards expectations of how females ought to dress. Lastly, style blogger Chidera (a.k.a The Slumflower) chooses not to wear a bra, stresses on the importance of body positivity and ignores rules about what is appropriate for different shapes and sizes. Despite people’s problematic opinions, her attitude remains autonomous and unaffected which is is reflected on her blog


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