Carrot Ginger Juice


It’s a new year and summer is creeping upon us, which means most of us our trying to get our health and fitness in check. 

I’ve been yo-yo dieting since I was probably 12! 
Over those years of up and down, I pretty much figured out what it takes for me to maintain a healthy weight. Everyone’s different and I do realize that all our health and fitness goals will not line up in perfect harmony.

One thing that is consistent across the health board is our need for fruits and vegetables. Most importantly vegetables. Most vegetables contain tons of fiber, vitamins and nutrients, minus a bunch of calories. 

But, if you are anything like me you know it can be a challenge to consume the daily recommended amount of vegetables. This is why juicing comes in handy. With juicing you get to extract all that nutritious and vitamin dense juice straight from your fresh produce. For breakfast I end up consuming the entire daily recommendation for vegetables, so everything else throughout the day is just a bonus!

Need more energy? Juice. 

Want to improve your complexion? Juice. 

Need help losing weight? Juice. 

This recipe is perfect if you are new to juicing! It’s sweet but not overly sweet but most important, packed with nutrition. 

Here’s what you’ll need….

5 carrots
1 skinless whole pineapple
1/2 lemon 
1/4 inch ginger root
Sprig of mint

Save one carrot for the end. After juicing the mint and ginger run the last carrot through the juicer. 

Drink juice immediately for the best health benefits, or store in airtight container for later. Consume within 24 hours.
For quick tips and tricks to simplify your juicing experience check out this article for my Top 7 Juicing Tips!

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