Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ivy Park – This Is My Park Lookbook

This is my park. Where is your park?

Behind the Pretty Pictures From a Blogger’s View

Hey gorgeous people, it's still woman's history month. In collaboration with my fellow blogger babe and youtuber Sheabutter Shea. I have participated in her...

The Mrs. Carter Show: The Big Jump!

Beyoncé leaps off the SkyJump at the New Zealand Sky Tower, 192 meters above Auckland.

How To Start a Blog: 8 Easy Steps

Hey Beautiful I am back with another post. Something that has always been close to my heart. While am at it. I might just give...

Turning A Corner: A Short Story

Each week, I will leave a new segment to one of my favorite short stories. Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments! ********************* Janie lugged...

Asia E. Marche: Olivia Pope Monologue

Character Bio: Powerful, Smart, Creative, Persuasive, Fixer. Scandal’s very own Olivia Pope schooling Fitz on how to be great on the campaign trail.

Blogging Brings Out My Insecurities

Comme Coco is my baby. It is my little place on the internet that I can share my thoughts, outfits, inspirations and photography. It makes...

Working with a Freelance Editor: An Interview with Tiffany Cole

Today's post is an interview with Tiffany T. Cole, a freelance editor and a copy editor for Limitless Publishing and the Purdue University Chronicle....

Asia E. Marche: Fed Up Wife Monologue

Character Bio: Successful, Controlling, Disciplined, Professional. This woman’s husband who is a politician has gotten caught in a scandal with sending nude pictures of...

Literary Magazines: A Conversation with Blotterature

Literary magazines are a great way for writers to get their work out there and noticed. Today's post is an interview with Julie Demoff-Larson, senior...