Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Asia E. Marche: Olivia Pope Monologue

Character Bio: Powerful, Smart, Creative, Persuasive, Fixer. Scandal’s very own Olivia Pope schooling Fitz on how to be great on the campaign trail.

Asia E. Marche: Fed Up Wife Monologue

Character Bio: Successful, Controlling, Disciplined, Professional. This woman’s husband who is a politician has gotten caught in a scandal with sending nude pictures of...

Asia E. Marche: Being Mary Jane Performance

Character Bio Independent, complex, successful educated black woman

Asia E. Marche: Grey’s Anatomy Monologue

Character Bio: Smart. Educated. Firm. Skillful. A female doctor who dedicates her life to the medicine. She doesn't show her emotions unless pushed over...

Announcing the Blog Series: Dear Little Sis

 Sisterhood. It is a biological or symbolic connection between women. Sisters sit in living rooms with bowls of ice cream or sip cups of...

Turning A Corner: A Short Story

Each week, I will leave a new segment to one of my favorite short stories. Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments! ********************* Janie lugged...

The Student Body Ep. 8: Dream Visions

Discription:Latisha has had it with Dream Visions after unknowingly playing a hand in her BoyFriend Xander's Organ Heist.  Getting out would be easily except...