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Hello there! I recently re-organized my craft storage in our office. As of right now I am storing everything in different places in our office but would love to have a craft room/office one day – wishful thinking!

I wanted to share this with you as inspiration in case you are looking for ideas. You don’t have to have a ton of space to get organized. My storage solutions pretty simple and cost effective for the time being. Everything has a place and it’s easy to find what I need quickly. Hopefully this will give you some great ideas to use for your creative space!

Draw storage – I purchased this drawer system at Target for under 25 dollars. I labeled each drawer to make it even more efficient and easy to find any item.
I purchased the label system from the Target also. They had a ton of them in the dollar spot in different sizes. They are plastic and have a sticky back and slit that allows for you to slip paper in.
I can go in depth of my sticker storage in another post but I keep them in accordion files from the dollar spot.

Washi Tape – I found this cute wire basket in the Target Dollar Spot. Since my washi tape collection is still growing I figured this was the best way to store them for now. It can fit a ton of washi inside and makes for a very cute addition to top off this corner.

Ribbon – Slowly I am growing my ribbon collection for something very special I am working on! I am storing all of my ribbon in this cute mint container I got from Target. It seals very nicely and is part of a stackable set of containers you can purchase together or separately.

Acrylic paints – All of my paints are kept in the plastic bin in this picture. I also store my watercolor paint set and my paint brushes in here as well. This plastic bin is really old but I’m pretty sure you can find one very similar at most department stores.

Paperclip storage – I keep my paper clips in the 3 compartment container also from Target. I have all of my supplies to decorate paper clips and store them all in one place. The container I am referring to is tucked behind the stack of planner binders.

Pens – I love displaying my pens in the cute little cardboard holders from the dollar spot. They have them year round to match the different holidays that pass. This particular one was one I found around Valentine’s day.

I am sure that if nothing else you have learned that I am obsessed with Target! Pretty much every storage solution mentioned was purchased from there. I will say, it’s nice to finally have everything in one place so there isn’t an issue finding stuff. My stuff used to be scattered everywhere…it was a mess!

Additional Tips:

DO get a few new storage pieces – I found that buying a few new storage pieces helps with motivation.

DO take it a step at a time – I split up my organization process over a few weeks. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you have a lot of stuff to go through.

DO get inspired – There are all kind of ideas for organizing craft stuff for all spaces. Search the internet to find the perfect solution for you and your needs. Hopefully you were able to get a few ideas from here!

DON’T give up – It can be a lot of work and stress trying to organize ANY space. Taking your time and doing it at your leisure will hopefully alleviate the stress.

Have a great day and Happy organizing!

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