Enhance Your Creative Expression: Developing Your Creative Skills in 2016


Enhance your Creative Expression 

Release blockage by free writing
My expression ability failed me in 2015. Even in writing, articulate thoughts did not form. With static in my ear, fear increased. What if I remained this way forever?

I asked myself. Ignoring my pride and desperate for help. I bought a book called, The Complete Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron from my bookstore. Every day, I walked past it at work. It was smashed between other books. Throughout all the picking and choosing occurring around it, the book never moved from its original position. With my creative attitude going down the drain, I could no longer resist.

It’s a purchasing decision I don’t regret. In the weekly chapters, there are multiple tasks and artist’s dates. However, the element I really like is the Morning Pages. Before the sun takes its spot in the big blue sky, I wake up and hand write three pages of whatever comes to mind. I don’t plan what I’m writing nor do I criticize. It’s whatever I want. It helps me a lot by improving my writing style and opening my mind to help me follow my creative path. Even if you don’t buy the book, I suggest doing the morning pages so you can experience the same release.

Do not focus on your 2015 failures
Sometimes life just happens. No amount of planning or work can change it. We all fail some of the goals we establish. That’s why they’re goals. A goal is not a definite future occurrence. It’s what you’re working toward or trying to accomplish. If it was something you could easily complete without a doubt, then it would be a habit. When you sit down to establish your goals, you know there’s a possibility of failure. So why beat yourself up over it? In the words of Aaliyah, “Dust yourself off and try again.”

Set goals according to your desires, skill level, and expectations
Like most people in the world, I assume you are an active user of social media. Throughout the day, you’re checking some time line reading your friends’ and creative peers’ lives. You’ve noticed a friend got a promotion. Another creative peer received a prestigious award. Here you are in 2016 pitying yourself for past failures and comparing yourself to others. Stop it right now. It’s cliche, but what is for you is for you in perfect timing. Therefore, establish your own timeline. Don’t set the same goals society has established since the dawn of ages. The white picket fence with a stable job and nuclear family by 30 is played. The life expectancy is increasing and so is our desire to keep living and growing well beyond 30. Allow your goals to reflect it.

Tune out the doubters, naysayers, and haters, this includes yourself
It will be the people closest to you who will try to limit your potential. They will either flat out tell you how horrible you are or they will throw microaggressions in your direction that will make you question yourself. Don’t listen. The projection of their fears will hold you back. I know. I know. The words of your father, mother, friends, or significant other matters the most. Their negativity and doubt affect you in painful ways. Stop it! Their fears will manifest in your creative expression or lack of it. It will hold you back. The tiny critic who lives in your head is eating up the negativity. They’re amping him up. Their tag team will be your undoing if you allow them to continue. Establish boundaries by letting the individuals know how much it affects you and your work. If you aren’t comfortable with that then you need to limit the amount of communication you have with them. Your dreams and well-being depends on it.

Do not be afraid to try new things and display your best self
So what if you’re a writer turned photographer. If you have multiple talents why not dip in all of them? Of course, you want to develop your mastery, but they’re such things as hobbies. Also as a writer, you may need photos for your blog. Do you want to always buy them or search through the same stock photos? Or maybe you are the videographer who wants to develop a screen write. Do not allow you lack of expertise to stop you. Train yourself! Buy a book and read it! Then try those new things. While you’re at it don’t be afraid to tell the world how great you are and why they should support you. Self-promotion is the only way your books, photos, videos, or screenplays will ever be shown to the public. You best self is your only self. Don’t be afraid to show it.

Develop Your Creative Skills
The best way to gain confidence and express your best creative self is to constantly work toward improving your skills. This Creative Audit is the perfect way to do so in 3 easy steps.

1. Draft two separate list of things you are good and bad at.

2. After you finish the good list find websites, communities, forums, books that will keep you brisk and up to date with current trends.

3. Take your not-so-good list. Find examples of people who excel at each item on the list. Watch them and network within their circles. Then create a list of books and blogs you can read through the year to become more verse. Attend workshops and conferences to solidify those skills and increase networking opportunities.

If that doesn’t help. Feel free to mention me in the comments or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !”>This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

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