Close your eyes and envision yourself swinging 78 ft. above ground, as a cool breeze of wind hits your face and your adrenaline is rushing, you’re blissfully basking in the moment, yet a little skeptical to look down, as you realize that an entire forest is underneath your feet. This is what it’s like experiencing the Bali Swing for the first time.

My driver and I started our morning out very early, around 7 am, not only to avoid lines, but also to beat the Ubud traffic, as I was staying in the city of Kuta which is about an hour drive away from the city of Ubud. Since Bali is such a big and popular city for tourist, there are a lot of replicated attraction sites, so I was very particular about which “Bali swing” I wanted to visit when explaining to my driver who assured me that it was the popular in the city, thanks to Instagram!

Located just a short 20-minute drive outside of the Ubud city center, the “Bali Swing” attraction consist of 12 uniquely handmade swings all spread throughout the attraction site, so be prepared for a bit of walking and even climbing. Upon arrival we were required to fill out a form and take a picture which later is useful for the staff to locate in the event you choose to hire an on-site photographer which are available. I chose the option of not only renting a photographer but renting a dress as well; because, well of course, I wanted my photos to be “popping on the ‘gram” like most of us!

As I entered, I was welcomed by a breathtakingly beautiful view of nature that overlooked a forest with a waterfall beneath. It was everything you’d imagine it to be. The scenery was made for the perfect photo. Of course, we hadn’t arrived as early as I thought we did, because the lines were still very long. So, I took advantage of the swings that weren’t getting as much attention.

Each swing is bolted down thoroughly and there are staff nearby at each swing to assist and assure that you’re strapped in correctly, so safety isn’t an issue of concern. I’d only suggest making sure that you’re holding on properly. I know some may like holding their hands in the air as if you’re on a roller coaster, but I wouldn’t suggest that, seeing as you are swinging off of a cliff which overlooks a forest.

My entry ticket also included a meal which was buffet style. This was actually my first authentic Balinese meal and I’d definitely say that the food was far more enjoyable than I imagined. I had the pad-thai and it was amazing. You’re also welcomed to seconds and although only water is included, other beverages are available for purchase.

After a few hours of swinging and standing in line, I was completely drained and ready for the next adventure which was the Kantolampo Waterfall. However, before leaving, I went and got the photos that the professional photographers took of me at the swing stations, which was another long wait. I’d highly suggest if going with a friend that you rotate waiting in line, seeing as the wait was almost an hour long.

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, I’d highly suggest making the Bali Swing a priority to visit, as it was the most fun I had while in Indonesia

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This entry was very nice Ciara, short yet quite descriptive and gives a clear imaginative view of what to expect and experience on the Bali swing. Definitely looking forward to doing it myself.