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I was just imagining what it would be like living in the 1950s. They sure had a sense of style back then. Talk about Midi dresses (conservative) with corsets and petticoats. Gloves and hats were a ladies must have. Purses matched shoes or belts or hats.

According to fifties web, acting and looking “every inch the lady” was taught virtually from the cradle and wearing a dress was a given. You are wondering no pants? Well Although dresses were the norm, 50’s women did wear slacks or shorts to casual or outdoor affairs.

Hairstyles were soft and curly. Straight hair was out. Short hair was in. Young women often tied their hair back in a ponytail and circled it with a pretty chiffon scarf or flower. But this would have been for casual activities and rarely for evenings.

Today’s post is on this dress. When I saw this it, I immediately had a million ideas on how I wanted to style it. I wanted to see what I would have looked like if I lived in the 50s lol This is my attempt: First off, the dress didn’t come with any petticoat so I had to improvise to get that poof.

I am actually wearing a tulle skirt inside(I know so creative psssstt lol) and then I had to find pearls, these were also a must for any lady in the 50s(fake or real lol) Also the gloves are net socks which I also improvised. I couldn’t find the black silk ones I have (must have put them away in a winter box somewhere in my garage).

So yeh lots of improvisation . A girls got to do what she got to do right?. So for the hair, it was supposed to be curled up at the front but time didn’t allow me so I did what I could. I think this looks good too. I accessorized with pearls, earrings and necklace and also bangle and ring. I just slipped on these green heels and I think it all looks perfect together.

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Photo Credit: www.kaypixels.com

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