Filling a Blank Wall Space with a Gallery Wall


Hey y’all!

I’m low-key obsessed with gallery walls. It’s the easiest way to fill a blank wall in your space. The great thing about gallery walls is they can include anything that you like; it doesn’t only have to be pretty pictures. I say it can include anything that can be hung.

You may ask, “how did she hang up all those pictures in her rental apartment?” Good question: I use command strips which are the best thing mankind has made. I usually get mine from Sam’s Club (because you get more for your money) but you can get them from Amazon, Target, or any store that you shop.

I would like to say that I used a fancy method (or level) to hang my pictures and to get them straight…nah, I winged it. I put them up and hoped that they were straight (no really, that’s what I did). Specifically, I stood back and I eyed them to make sure they were straight or had one of my friends look at them and tell me if they are straight. Based on the pictures, looks like I got a good eye.

You can find some of the prints at one of my favorie shops, Lindsay Letters.  She has prints, canvases, stationary, and other goodies that you could buy. Etsy, my favorite place to shop for unique home decor, also carries similar items.

What are your inspirations to use for gallery walls?

Photos By: Lydie
Frames in Bathroom: Michaels || Frames in Dining Room: Michaels

Prints from Lindsay Letters: Love is the Only Gold and Wishbone Print

Print on the left: DIY Lipstick Collage Similar herehere, or here

Prints from I See Noise (no longer available): Peace Sign (similar here or here), Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle (similar here), and Find Beauty in the Bigger Picture, Find love in the Details (similar here); Map of Liberia: DIY

Print in the Middle and on the Right: I See Noise (no longer available) Similar for perfume bottle:herehere, or here. For makeup brushes: Similar here, here, or here.

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