Finding My Hustle


So I took a hiatus because per usual, I cant keep it together. But in the spirit of a new season, Im sliding in these last Summer looks as well as sliding out some bad habits that have been lingering too long.

Outfit Details: All thrifted | Shoes: Charlotte Rouse

Ive been blogging on The Brand Noux Life for about a year and overall on and off for much longer than I care to admit because neither time has been as productive as it should. After much soul searching, actually I LIE… I am a pretty self aware person so Ive  known it all along. Ive just been too childish and probably embarrassed to admit it. Among lacking discipline and consistency I also lack hustle. When I say hustle, I don’t mean the ideas, knowledge, or ability or a side hustle, I mean the actual action to put it motion. Its the only thing that makes sense. I come up with poppin ideas, plan to no end, motivate and push others to go get it yet my own goals and dreams remain stagnant.

So like most budding entrepreneurs, I seek inspiration in the people around; family, friends, Instagram. The usual. And as I hear everyone telling their stories and encouraging others to find their why, I found myself stalled. I can’t relate to a lot of the women I admire. I find that most of them share a common theme. Tales of rags to riches, trials and triumphs, down bad to the baddest bitch and honestly thats not a narrative I share. While things are far from perfect, I can honestly say for the most part, I am privileged. Privileged to be blessed with a life of comfort and grace. I have an amazing family and support system, an almost perfect child hood filled with culture and almost anything I asked for, a mind that made academics easy and fun and Ill stop there to keep this from sounding like a humble brag. I also have a tremendous amount of Faith. Which when you’re used to things being almost handed to you can sometimes serve as a handicap.

It killed my hustle. I remember the kind of work I put in to get my ass into college so I could  leave my hometown and flourish but It almost seems like thats where my hustle peaked.If teen me could see me now, she’d be giving me the most side eye. 16 year old me was a beast who took no shit and took what she wanted with the swiftness of a savage and the finesse of your pastor on church anniversary. However, somewhere along the way she lost her bite. Fortunately, Im here to help her find her way back because Im the only one who can. When you look around and can’t see the the story that represents you, you just look up and simply begin to write it. So, here’s page one.

If you’ve made it here from wherever you are, I thank you. I hope you stay the journey with me. If you found your hustle, let me know what motivates you. If you’re still finding it like me, let me know how I can support you!

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