Here’s What Happened After I Quit My Day Job


This past May I became an official college graduate (cue celebration music!)

I felt like I had reached an important milestone in my life and I could finally get started living. Although I had many great experiences, I was never truly excited about school. I actually enjoyed work and learning new things and I’d been working from a young age so I just wanted to be in the real world. The “Real World” was like this big scary myth that everyone was worried about but I had experience working in the city so I brushed it off. I was able to get a job a couple weeks out of school through an employment agency. The agency placed me at a luxury swimwear store on Madison Ave and I got hired after my 30 day evaluation.

But things started going downhill quickly and I started to get the itch.

What I mean is I tend not to stay at one place too long. Mostly because I’ve absorbed everything I could from the job and because I get bored easily. What else can I learn in a retail environment besides store procedures and customer service? I started itching to get out. I did not want to get stuck working in retail for longer than I had to. Some people may call me ungrateful or spoiled but here’s the thing: LIFE IS TOO SHORT! I’m a recent college grad and I quickly realized RETAIL is not where it’s at. I will NOT work in retail again. It was torture. I commend those who’ve been working in retail forever or have stayed at one job for a long period of time but I wasn’t having it. I definitely didn’t like being told what to do, when to do it, and a million other rules. I’m wayyyy overqualified and my excitement for this job was drifting away.

I made the announcement to my coworkers that I would be leaving soon. I even registered for classes in LA just to move out the state. But something funny happened. In September (4 months after I started working) I got a call from this really great Celebrity Stylist that I admire. I love her work! I had contacted her back in June after pitching myself but we kept rescheduling because of last minute events. I was out celebriting my coworkers birthday when I finally heard back from her. I had to catch my breath. I thought she’d forgotten about me and I would be stuck in retail. It was the last thing on my mind and I was so excited!

We were finally able to meet up and I was put to the test immediately. The day we met up was the day of Angela Simmons Fashion Show! I’d been complaining and sulking about my missing out on NYFW. I vowed to myself that next year I would not be working retail and I would focus on getting into shows (by any means necessary). What a surprise! Midway through fashion week, I would be working backstage assisting the models and helping my Boss style the Talent. And who did Talent Happen to be?

Bridget Kelly & Mack Wilds!

I’ll just try to keep my cool. Haha! I had a great time working this event and seeing what goes down behind the scenes. The best part of working backstage is knowing you played a part in bringing someone’s vision to life. I’d assisted at NYFW a couple years back and done a bunch of college shows so it was kind of a breeze. It was on another level and more hectic and exciting which is what I live for.

In reality, this all happened through sending a simple email asking How can I help you? to a person I admire.

Go after the things you want in life. Don’t get caught up in working for the man and don’t lose sight of your dreams. I gave in my two weeks notice in October. Would you believe that I finally gave in my two weeks and the day after my job let me go?! They could care less about my wellbeing and that made it even clear I was making the right decision. My determination and passion got me where I am right now and this is only the beginning. I can’t wait for what’s in store and all the adventures on their way. It’s only been six months since I graduated and my life has changed drastically. I know now that I can achieve whatever it is I’ve set out to do. God said no when I tried to move to LA because a door was opening for me here. He’s always working in his mysterious ways and I’m looking slowly unravelling the plan he has for my life. It’ll never be easy but there won’t be a dull moment.


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