Sunday, March 24, 2019



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The Art of being me

Ever been in a situation where you keep asking yourself just who exactly are you? Well that has been me for the past couple...

Where I was supposed to be: How a cancelled Dubai trip turned into a...

Can you believe it?  I was finally was headed to Dubai; I purchased it through a group package from a sorority.  And although, I...


How I dealt with my pain-anxiety, and what I'm still working on. The process of healing can be a daunting one, but it's instrumental in...

Egypt Meets New York: History, Art and Culture!

I never really liked museums as I thought they were kind of boring and just packed with history and stories that I could not...

How Journaling Changed My Life

"Journaling has become my hero. My superpower. And my healer." ~ Amani Rakeia. IT'S JUST A BOOK SIS ... WRONG. Journaling is a way for me to...

Shonda Taught Me | Lessons from The Year of Yes TED Talk

Prior to watching Shonda Rhimes's TED Talk, The Year of Yes, I was in a slump. I have lost all sources of inspiration. As...

5 Must Do Things with 48 Hours in Venice

I recently went on a girl’s holiday to Italy which was my first vacation abroad with the girls. The trip was for 5 days...



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Asia E. Marche: Olivia Pope Monologue

Character Bio: Powerful, Smart, Creative, Persuasive, Fixer. Scandal’s very own Olivia Pope schooling Fitz on how to be great on the campaign trail.

Asia E. Marche: Being Mary Jane Performance

Character Bio Independent, complex, successful educated black woman

The Top 5 Problems That Actors Have

THE CREATIVE/TECHNICAL SIDE OF ACTING As an actress, there is a process when preparing to film or rehearse a scene. There are many things an...