How Journaling Changed My Life


“Journaling has become my hero. My superpower. And my healer.” ~ Amani Rakeia.



Journaling is a way for me to self-release and learn to solve my life’s problems on my own. Forcing me to rely less for the advice and help of others about my being.


I took it everywhere with me. There were times where I overslept, but I still made sure to grab it on the go. Why? I believe journaling is very beneficial in helping the thoughts running wild in our heads to be released. Think of it as allowing your brain to exhale. Just for a moment.

Based on my experiences, whenever I didn’t journal on a regular basis, I’ve noticed I went through more episodes of anxiety and having this uncertain feeling about my purpose and my worth.


(Haha, ok yes. I love SZA that much I had to incorporate that. Lolol)

But how sway?

Well, a normal journaling session begins with reflecting on the day before. This includes:

My actions

My mood

How things made my body feel (The foods I ate or even how many hours of sleep did I get?)

How things made my mind feel (The vibes from the interactions and conversations I’ve had with people) – Did they make me feel light & loved? Or did they make me feel uncomfortable & closed-off?

I then assess my self-care regimen – My favorite part of journaling 🙂

This is pretty much like my daily self check-in.

Between taking a summer course, working, maintaining my blog and YouTube channel, keep up with my hair (Yes, Natural Hair is a full time job), making time for the gym and STILL have a social life? Trust me, there are a lot of simple things I forget to do.

Did I floss & brush my teeth twice today?

Have I done my laundry?

When was the last time I cleaned my room or made my bed?

When did I wash my hair last?

When was the last time I cracked open a book?

Did I even shower today?

Or drink water?

I take the time to assess all of it because this is what helps me feel cleansed and renewed.

I feel like I have my shit together. I feel like I’m doing what is right for me.

I am making myself a priority – Which ultimately illustrates the level of love I have for myself.

Both journaling AND reading is how I take care of my mental health. Especially when I feel I can’t take care of it elsewhere.


As mentioned before with my episodes of anxiety, I have also experienced many episodes of depression.

When I believed that there was no one else out there to listen to me, or to my story, I knew these blank pages were always honest, clean and open to let me run wild. To let my emotions pour out.

And those pages in the countless number of books I’ve read…

It’s like those words were written to take me to a new dimension. To a world where my thoughts run freely and I can make innocent connections between the characters and I.

I find endless possibilities and hope with the writings on my pages and the writings of others. The freedom that lies within, is something that no one can limit. It’s a world – a space that no one has to know about. It’s just between the world and me.

Through journaling I have been able to find comfort in being alone and confined within my own solitude.

Through journaling I have been better able to connect with my spirituality. With my thoughts.

I am now capable of being the boss that I’ve always envisioned to be. Journaling has sometimes helped me create the magical visions for my blog content that you’re now reading.



No more looking for validation from men, and all of holding myself accountable to work through  my own problems as gruesome and as tiresome it can be. I deserve to have me first before anyone else. There is no relationship better or love better than the one you’ve created with yourself. Through Journaling, I have been able to experience the life-changing effect of self-talk. As I journal, I read my writings aloud to be able to hear my thoughts. At this time, I dig deeper into asking myself questions like, “Well damn girl, why do you feel this way?” Or, “Girl, you know he ain’t shit so why you even put up with that?” Truthfully, these are real ass conversations that we at times have with our best friends, but instead learning to take control and demanding to get within the crux and the thick of our brains. Talk about independent? I can honestly say that I never truly experienced what ‘Independency’ was until I was able to set my mind free.

Journaling has helped me refrain from allowing the world to turn me bitter and cold from the neglect and rejection from these no sense having men.

Journaling gave my mind a break from the late nights of studying and craving for exams. It turned me from feeling lost and wandering all over the world, to claiming a life nothing short of happiness and TRUE love.


Amani Rakeia
Amani is a Lifestyle Blogger, just journeying through her 20-somethings. She is passionate about sharing the narratives of Black Women and their struggles with depression. Amani also enjoys discussing all things wellness and is constantly growing and working towards being her best self. Self-Love is a key theme through her journey —if anything at all, she wants you to remember: "All that you are and all that you aspire to be is already within."

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