How the New iOS 11 Helps Influencers


Ok- I rarely if ever do a software update on its release date but somehow last night in a bout of insomnia, I got the new iOS 11 and have been playing with it most of today. While some features are ehhh overall I think this new iOS 11 helps influencers in some significant ways!

As influencers, our smart phones are pretty much our one stop shop tool for all things blogging and social media. While some have dedicated photographers who carry around a DSLR at all times, the rest of us get it done with our iPhones primarily.

Let’s start first with those who have the 7 Plus and use portrait mode.

Portrait Mode Upgrades

Portrait mode now has image stabilization AND you can enable the flash. Prior to iOS 11, portrait mode was fickle AF. The lighting had to be perfect or someone ( ahem J) had to shine their own camera flashlight on the subject to get a decent photo. But now with flash enabled, that is a thing of the past!

How does this new ios 11 feature help an influencer?

Imagine yourself at a night time event and you want to shoot your outfit or the tablescape (whatever!) but want that beautiful blurred background. Now you can shine that flash and get the perfect photo for your insta!

Screen Recording

NEED. I. SAY. MORE?!?!?!?

The other day on insta-stories I shared a really cool trick I learned that helps when your photo is just too long for instagram. I had to break it up into photos and write it all out bla bla bla. It is a fine way to do it BUT not as efficient as creating a video actually showing how to do it.

When I first found out about this feature, Dayna told me to use Quicktime and do screen recording that way but alas I did not have that version so it made me not even want to share. I hate having to get new equipment for something simple.

NOW with iOS 11, iphone users can RECORD exactly what they are doing on their screen for the easiest and most perfect tutorials! (You can all stand up and clap now)

I decided to test it out and did a mini presentation of how I edit my photos. I do get alot of questions about my process so I figured this was a great way to test out this new feature.

Wanna see the video? Well you will have to goHERE!


Although small- the new files folder is pretty awesome sauce. Im able to keep all recent documents in one little easy to find folder so if I have a new contract for a campaign or a creative brief, its easier to find rather than going back in my email!


Although it sounds HELLA boring, this is one of my fave new features. I am a the QUEEN of a screen shot. And more often than not its not for insidious reasons. (Did I even use Insidious correctly?) But anyway- now with iOS 11, you can screen shot something and edit it right then and there and then send it off. My absolute fave thing was to sign a document. In the markup feature in screen shots, you can actually now add a signature. No more using Adobe fill and sign for me!

So you screen shot something. It becomes a little picture in picture icon on the page. You click on it. You will see all sorts of pencils at the bottom for different ways to write. Click the plus sign and there you will see more options such as signature!

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