How to create your own vision board


“Remember that what you see and think about everyday has the power to form in your life..”

This month has taken me through a lot of changes.  I went from crying in frustration about what my next steps would be towards entrepreneurship to launching my own natural hair brand kollectivekoils. Man oh man,  I would have never imagined one leading to the other, but it did. Frustration can definitely give birth to some beautiful creations. So what does this have to with a vision board Charmaine? Well, all these “dreams” I’ve had for myself this year came out of a vision board I made with my best friend back in September of last year.

One day we were sitting at her house talking about our goals for ourselves this year. We decided it would be a great idea to actually get those ideas on paper. So we rushed over to Staples and bought poster board, scissors, glue and markers. We grabbed some old magazines from her mom and got to work. On my vision board I focused on the dreams I have for myself for the next two years. From natural hair, entrepreneurship, health, travel and income, I added everything. I did not keep it simple either, I was very specific about what exactly I wanted. For instance, I have $250,000 slapped dead in the middle of my vision board to remind me of my personal financial goal.

So how do you make your own and why?

Be Specific

Do you want to travel the world next year? Add all the places you imagine yourself going on your vision board. Put specific names and locations. Even if it seems unattainable that’s exactly what you want. I not only put Africa on my vision board but I added the most swank hotel photo I could find because I not only want to travel, I want to travel luxuriously.

Add Everything

Everything that you want for yourself goes on your vision board. If you don’t have space, then make the space! Choose smaller pictures, divide your vision board into sections and even write key words if pictures aren’t available. However, you do want to get as many images as possible to aid in the visualization.

Hang It Up

Your vision board should be somewhere visible. I put mine over my TV, smack in the middle of my bedroom. For some the bright pink board is off-putting but for me it’s the best piece of artwork I could own. I strategically placed it over my television because when I look up from my bed I can see it and at times focus on my vision board instead of the TV. Also, it’s good to have it where I can see it when I wake up and before I go to bed.

Right now I have a digital vision board on my phone. I simply added a new album in my iPhone and added similar photos from my vision board. That way while I’m traveling I have my vision board everywhere I go.

Whether you decide to create a poster or do it digitally, the purpose of the vision board is to help you visualize your dreams until they become your reality. Remember that what you see and think about everyday has the power to form in your life, so why not focus on the best for yourself. It worked for me (i.e. never having traveled to now living abroad and launching my own blog). So give it a try and watch your dreams come to life!SaveSave

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