How To Look Cute While Staying Warm in the Winter


Ahhh yes. The eternal conundrum – how to look cute and not freeze your butt off. I’m blessed to live in Canada – the home of free healthcare, the nicest people in the world, beautiful geography and home of some of the most vicious winter weather this side of Pluto.

I spend the balance of the winter trying to figure out new and clever ways to never, ever set foot outside. Yes – the snow is pretty, yes – the winter brings a beautiful spring, but it also brings out the “hideous” in winter fashion such as overstuffed down parkas that make you resemble George Constanza in his Goretex coat, terrible tuques, big old boots…I pretty much hate it all.

I’ve spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect winter coat. Down-filled yet sleek, super warm and trimmed with a little fur or a heavy wool coat, floor-length, tailored and fabulous. I found one so far courtesy of I was pretty impressed with their huge selection of coats (they also have a huge selection of embroidered coats, capes and styles in every colour of the rainbow), along with the killer prices. This grey number didn’t break the bank at all at $88.99.

I can resist anything, except temptation…and a great coat.” Oscar Wilde and Dom

Now, I’ll admit that my wool coat is more late fall/early winter than dead of winter, but I’ve been wearing it a lot thanks to the milder weather we’ve had over the past few days. It’s also perfect for shopping as it’s lightweight and breathable. I also love the soft grey colour that’s easy to match with much of my wardrobe, along with the deep slits and patch pockets (I love giant pockets – I’m a cookie hoarder). I ordered it right before Christmas and it got here in record time too. Thank God for online shopping with fast delivery! I’ve put together a quick list of my top “hacks” for looking great and warm in the cold weather so settle in with some hot chocolate and enjoy.

Winter Style How-To:

1.Determine what kind of coat you want (down, wool, ski jacket, etc.) and then find one that fits you properly. When down-filled coats hit the market, most of them made people look like the Michelin Tire Man. Many now are sleek and fitted, and much better suited to showing off your curves, as opposed to giving you lumpy ones.

2. Find a cute hat. I love little wool toques with pompoms, but to avoid looking like a grade schooler, opt for ones in neutral colours with pompoms that are not the same size as the hat. Get some matching wooly mittens too.

3. Which brings me to my next point: leather gloves. I LOVE leather gloves, but they aren’t great a keeping your hands warm if you are outside for a lengthy period of time. The darling husband bought be a black, studded pair which  I treasure. They are actually warm-ish thanks to the cashmere lining. Don’t like leather gloves? Try out some leather mittens! I scored a pair that are also cashmere lined and trimmed with fur and boy – do they ever make a warm and cozy statement.

4. Get yourself a blanket scarf! They look great, fresh and right now, double as shawls if it’s a little chilly indoors, and keep you snuggly warm while protecting you from the elements.

5. Add some colour. Find a stylish wool coat in bright red or cobalt blue. The fastest way to set you apart from the crowd!

6. Two words (or four, if you’re picky): OTK boots. There is a reason Stuart Weitzman’s over-the-knee Lowland and Highland boots are so popular – they look so darn good. A great way to lengthen your stems, they also look sexy and quickly elevate any outfit. I love seeing a suede pair with short little sweater dresses and topped off with a wool coat. So awesome. I hate seeing a pair though ruined in the elements! Watch out for snow, sleet and slush!

Be sure to check out for their great selection of unique winter coats – great sale going on now too!

Stay warm and stylish out there! Happy 2017!

Coat provided in exchange for my honest opinion.

*Photography by @oladimeg (Instagram)

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