How to Take A Great Selfie


Let’s face it … we live in the age of the selfie.

You see, when I ask someone to take my pic it normally never comes out they way I want. And let’s face it, how many people do you know that are going to sit there and keep taking your pic until you’re happy with the outcome. I don’t know too many. I mean, my son is pretty good and knows what I want. He’s even very willing to work with me. But after a while the poor kid can only take so much.

So I’m not afraid to call on the selfie for a guaranteed photo I know I will love. After all, in my opinion, I’ve master the art of taking my own photo. Plus, with the help of some of today’s new gadgets, I get the picture I want and I don’t have to bother a soul.

Here are a few tips I use to capture my selfies.


Pay attention to which angles you use when snapping your selfie. I tend to take my selfies from a slightly high angle. I was told it gives the illusion of a slimmer face. And while I don’t really know if that’s completely true, it works for me so I tend to stick with that angle.

Not sure what angle flatters you? Practice … All phones have a front facing camera which gives you the ability to see the photo before you snap it (most cameras do too). So just keep moving the phone or camera until you like what you see. Like anything else the more you do it the easier it becomes to know what works for you.


What are you using to take your selfies? Of course your phone … I know that. What are you using to compliment your phone?

Most people just hold the phone with their hand and snap away. But there are a few tools out there that will help enhance your pic.

For instance, the infamous selfie stick. Yes I have one. Honestly I use it and I don’t care if people like it or not. I’ve gotten some awesome shots using the selfie stick. You can get more background or people in your shot with a selfie stick and I have two. One for my iPhone and one for my GoPro.

As a Christmas gift to myself, I bought a mini tripod and remote for my iPhone. The tripod has flexible legs so it can also be wrapped around anything. More guarantee I get the shot I want. I love them because now I can set the phone on the tripod, organize my shot, then casually walk into the shot and presto.

Don’t be Embarrassed

The most important thing to remember is don’t be embarrassed. Get the photo you want and pay not attention to what other might be thinking. After all, you probably won’t even see them again. So who really cares if they think you’re a little weird or are displease that you’ve got your self stick out. Do you want to please a stranger or get that shot that will help you memorialize your adventure for years to come?

What are your tips on taking a great selfie?

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