Ice Cube Facials Leave Your Skin Toned And Refreshed


Ladies have you spent tons of money on pore minimizing creams and redness reducers? Have most of them failed or given you lackluster results? Have you looked in the mirror and wanted to pull your hair out over the frustration? If so, try an ice cube facial.

Ice cube facials are remarkable because they actually work. It minimizes the appearance of your pores, giving you a smoother complexion (which is great to do before applying makeup to reduce clogging your pores). It also reduces redness and swelling caused by inflammation or acne (rub ice over red or infected area for a minute or two).

Ice facials are inexpensive and easy to do. Once you’ve washed your face, take an ice cube and rub it all over your face in slow small circles for about two minutes or until the ice melts completely (remove from skin if it feels uncomfortable). You can also add green tea, chamomile tea, orange or lemon juice to your cubes for extra benefits (soothing irritation, anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities).

Once you’ve finished, apply your moisturizer and continue your regular face regimen with cool rejuvenated skin that looks remarkable. Have fun pampering your skin. It will thank you by looking fabulous.

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