Is It Time To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone?


Is there ever a right time to step out of your comfort zone?

Have you seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love? At least heard about it?

It is the story of a woman who pursues the things she thinks will bring her happiness.

Over the past week, I repeatedly heard stories of people wishing they could get out of their comfort zone to do something in life they love.

For one reason or another, they have found it impossible.

I heard: “It is not the right time”, “I can’t fit this into my kid’s schedule”, My husband couldn’t handle it”

So when is the right time to step out of your comfort zone?

To take risks? Change things up in your life?

Now.  Now is always the right time to make yourself happy.

What is the comfort zone?

Simply put, these are activities or things you do that do not change your anxiety level. Mostly things you do daily.

Cooking, watching TV, going to the gym, writing….you get my point.

Leaving your comfort zone is often tied to anxiety levels increasing due to uncertainty.

Ahhhh……….fear of the unknown. What if?

Familiarity is comfortable and enjoyable so we gladly stay in our comfort zones.

So how do you achieve something new that will bring you happiness if you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone?

Exiting The Zone…

I love to travel. Every time I travel to a new country or city, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.

It makes it even harder when travelling to a non-English speaking country. However, it encourages my curiosity about the world and life. It is exciting.

I motivate myself by thinking of all the good things I will learn from the experience. It is another step on my journey of  personal growth.

Don’t allow your habits and fear hold you back. Trust me.

Start small – no need to go climbing the Himalayas tomorrow. Let’s not get crazy.

Eat something unusual. By that I mean, if you usually eat meat, go for fish.

Change up your music for a few days. Think of it as re-balancing your life.

Read a book people would not expect you to be reading.

Right now I am reading Charles Bukowski’s Post Office.  It is hilarious!

Many times growing up and right into adulthood, I was forced out of my comfort zone.

It was tough every single time, but you know what? The process is quicker than when you procrastinate.

When you are finding all the reasons and excuses not to. Instead of taking chances.

If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done

It is essential in order for you to grow, so don’t stay wrapped in your cocoon.

You will experience a new and different kind of freedom. Just try it.

Even if only for a week at first. See how you feel.

When you make an effort to try new things you expand your life experience.

The universe will see that you’re ready for opportunities and will make those opportunities happen.

Can you find that bit of bravery to leave the comfort of your everyday life? Exit the comfort zone?

What would you do? What changes would you make? What would you pursue?

I would love to hear about your experiences. Share them with me in the comments section below.

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