Mr. Robinson Is A Hilarious Comedy About Following Dreams And Love


If you love watching shows with tons of unique characters that keep you laughing and inspired at the same time, then Mr. Robinson is the show for you. It explores the positive and negative things that can happen when we follow our dreams. It stars Craig Robinson, Meagan Good, Brandon T. Jackson, Peri Gilpin and Amandla Stenberg and is produced by Mark Cullen, Robb Cullen, Howard Klein and Mark Schulman.

The show focuses on Craig Robinson (Craig Robinson) struggling to balance his dreams and his reality. When Craig realizes that his band Nasty Delicious is taking off slow but his bills are coming in fast, he decides to become a substitute music teacher (at the same school his high school crush teaches). Once there, he realizes that he has a chance to actually make a difference in his students’ lives, reconnect with old friends and make unlikely new ones.

I love this show because it’s filled with honest humor without being super raunchy. It has a super talented supporting cast that makes up the quirky group of teachers (a part-time stripper, loony gym teacher and wannabe boff “artificial beef” inventor). It’s a show that all races, and ages can enjoy. Mr. Robinson is a refreshing show to watch on NBC every Wednesday night.

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