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Whoo, I still can’t believe how fast July flew by and August too. I almost missed writing this post and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to before I went on vacation in early August. I was thinking to myself ‘crap, what am I going to do? I’m going on vacation tomorrow.’ But then my husband said I could just take my laptop with me…Duh.

So here I am, back from vacationing in Florida and with a delayed post of my activities on Wattpad. which is neither a writer’s woe or a success. Here’s a mishmash of what I was able to achieve on Wattpad. And a little shameless plugging:

  • my Wattpad followers went from 3 to 13
  • my stories on Wattpad went from 0 votes for each to 6 votes for Harbingers of El Tinor and 7 votes for Nadia, the Fire Witch
  • Wattpad member(s) have added my stories to their reading lists 😀
  • entered a Wattpad blurb contest and am now currently waiting for the results
  • found out my work in progress fantasy novels were eligible for the Wattys and immediately entered them (would love it if you can offer feedback and/or vote and share the stories on Twitter)
  • requested a new cover design for contemporary fantasy work in progress novel, Nadia the Fire Witch
  • the number of views for both WIPs went from less than ~20 to 36 views for Harbingers & 112 for Nadia
  • so far posted 5 chapters of Nadia WIP and 3 chapter of Harbingers WIP on Wattpad

On another, unrelated note, I’ve also changed my Twitter bio, met & discussed the Wattpad experience with other writers in my FB groups. And signed up to, where I even got new title suggestions for my Nadia WIP. What do you think of “Hidden Fire” and “Fire Witch”?

What have you been up to? Any progress with your novels? Are you on Wattpad? What are your thoughts and feelings about Wattpad?

PSS As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve entered my fantasy WIPs into the Wattys.  The Wattys is an annual award on Wattpad, celebrating the best Wattpad stories. You can find out more about the Wattys and how to participate (even if you’re not a writer) here: I’d really love get your vote but just as much would love to get feedback in order to improve my writing. And if you do want to vote for Nadia or Harbingers, to cast your vote on Wattpad you’d have to sign up, read and click on the star. Another way to vote is to share a link of the stories on Twitter with the hashtag #MyWattysChoice (and you don’t have to sign up on Wattpad).

Here’s where you can find Nadia the Fire Witch and Harbingers of El Tinor on Wattpad.

Thank you.

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