Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Geraldine Dorema

Geraldine Dorema

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6 Tips To Achieving A Happy A Relationship

Its hard to keep a healthy relationship going these days, almost like keeping a full time job. You have to put in the work...

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Working Mom Habits for a Less Stressful Week

As a working mom, I (we) have the hardest job on this planet! Balancing work life, mommy life, and personal life. Finding balance can...

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Geraldine Dorema
Geraldine is a South Florida lifestyle blogger, curly girl, and founder of Real Talks With G. Using her life's experiences she set out to uplift and inspire by sharing her life as a single mother, beauty tips, health, and obstacles she has overcome. Aside from working and devoting her time to her son, she is passionate about helping others and writing


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