Pin Up Girl Inspired


This was my outfit for New York Comic Con!! I didn’t have enough to do the proper cosplays I wanted to this year…so next year I suppose. My burgundy/plum hair faded a weird red color. I just can’t catch a break with this hair dye journey so I’m throwing in the towel and going back to brown and possibly cutting it off (!!!).

I’m also wearing an amazing amount of make-up which I’m NOT used to and shape wear and spent $94 of my own money trying to do my hair which ended up…meh, fried in my opinion. BUT I got nonstop compliments and lots of pictures wearing this dress!! I take an XS in dresses at PUG from my usual size S. Purple and yellow, who’d of thought it’s a dream combo? There’s a cute little bow and the top part comes off for a slightly off the shoulders dress! The shoes needed breaking in: my feet DIED. And I forgot to take a shot of my lined stockings which were killer in this outfit. Despite all the above & getting lost to our parking garage in the rain, it came together pretty well

Sadly I might have to stop blogging for a while. I’m really in need of more money & I could be working more jobs instead of doing things like this & youtube. Hopefully it won’t be forever though. If you have anything to spare & like my posts, please donate to my patreon account!! I’m trying to save up for equipment that’ll allow me to do this without sacrificing ungodly amounts of time. You can also look at my new snapchat @Randi_Butler !

DRESS: Pin Up Girl Clothing
SHOES: Bettie Page
BAG: Milk
HAIR ACCESORIES: Vintage/Collectif Clothing
MAKEUP: Kat Von D/ Tarte

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