Runway Model at 5.1 Ft Tall!!! It’s a Testimony!!♥♥


So today’s post is more of a testimony but also Inspirational to all the girls out there who have big dreams and think are not achievable!!

I have always wanted to model since I was a little kid. Fashion and the runway were like the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I used to tell my mom that I want to be a model or designer. I would mix match my clothes, cut some clothes(of course get a hiding for that) and would watch anything that has model or fashion in it! I used to own thousands of magazines which I hoarded for years and yes I would read each one of them.

At school, if a teacher asked us to do any activity , I would impose on my classmates to do a fashion show and of course they would say what everyone said, ”You are too short, you have a heavy top, you are not skinny enough etc.! I have heard those words before over and over but that didn’t stop me!

To cut the story short , I became a runway model because it was my dream and I did’nt give up on it!! You dont have to be tall, skinny, and statuesque to become a model .(According to wikihow) You can be 5.1 or under and be signed with an agency as long you know your limits (the sky is the limit I say!) and your strengths. The tall and skinny models dominate the high fashion world, but there are plenty of other opportunities out there. I created my own runway!! I started my blog, The Style Concession, that showcases my style and love for fashion! (No rules , no limits!! I can do anything!!)

If you work where your strengths play out then you can be more successful! As for me, my strength is my confidence. No one can take that away from me. I am authentically myself and I don’t want to be anyone else. And that, my lovelies, is my power!!

So, fast forward from high school/college days where I didn’t make it as a runway model. Today, I can testify that dreams do come true. You just have to want it that much. Work hard, network, put yourself out there, and be confident in what you got! At least that is what worked for me! Read more tips on how to become a model if you are short Here

So far (other than High School and college years), I have walked the runway for Columbus fashion week, organized by The Power of women Ohio for Designers, Monee Pastel of (Designs by Monee Pastel), Jane Ifegwu of EZINNE_DESIGNSThe African Accent  and Alexandria Jay. Summer of this year, I participated in the famous fashion show Ankara Bazaar and I walked for other designers like Joanne Gachomo Mapis, of Ankara Fashion Place. Least but not last, I have walked for Amadiana Couture in the Columbus African Nations Ball. This is not the end. I will continue to support my fellow designers but soon I will have my own models walking the runway (In my designs of course!) – Look out for all shapes and sizes. The journey has just begun and God is surely going to bring this to completion.

Well I hope I have insprired someone today! Go live your dream! never ever give up, No matter what!!

I love and appreciate you so much for stopping by and reading my post today.

Till next time, Stay Stylish and be you!!

Pauline xoxo

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