Seven Year Itch Inspired


MM is an icon & a face to a lot of people, but to some she’s truly an inspiration. The first time I learned about her true life & legacy it shook something in me.

DRESS: Hellbunny
BANGLES: Splendette
BAG: Pin-Up Girl Clothing

Even though we are completely different people, with different lives in different time periods I took a lot away from her & still look up to her as more than a figure of rebellious beauty and exemplary charisma. I try not to idolize the “immortal goddess” (can you imagine having that kind of power over 20th century western culture?), but it’s hard especially knowing her ending. And how effortlessly she glowed on the silver screen, or rather how effortlessly she made it look! I could write pages about Marilyn Monroe I’ve read & watched so much about her. I own another replica dress of her’s too!

Thus, an inspiration of the famous Seven Year Itch dress (on sale + 20% off!!) scene (that was never actually in the movie but done for promotion!). If there’s one thing the zeitgeist of pop culture has of Marilyn it’s the image of her bedroom eyes, breathy baby voice, bottle blonde curls, red lips paired with a white halter dress blowing above the NYC subway grate! And wow the publicity! (Marilyn did it /all/ 1st Kim K js). I love this Hellbunny dress, it’s padded & adjustable and super breezy! I’d probably wear it with a pastel cropped cardigan too. I would size down as HB runs large for me! No heat on my hair, although I desperately wanted to nail her hair style for this. Still trying to recover my own attempts at going blonde 🙁

i should probably try to smile more in pictures ??  Who’s going to Viva Las Vegas this spring?!

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