Sexy Beyond Summer: 3 Essentials To Get and Keep The Body You Love


Summer bodies aren’t just for Summer! Being your most beautiful healthy self is necessary year round. Not only to contribute to your self love practice, but also to your wardrobe. When your body is at its best, so is your confidence and your understanding of what to wear to look your best. So here are the 3 things you MUST do to keep that body right in all seasons.

  1. Detox
    Every so often your body needs a hard reset and a detox is perfect for helping your body do that. It helps remove all the toxins and helps you start on a clean slate. You can do it as often as you like but monthly or seasonally are most effective for me. Especially around all the holidays that can trip you up. My favorite one to use is Cleanse. 
  1. Develop a Regimen
    Setting a daily fitness regimen is essential to the success of my health. I schedule cardio for the morning, strength or group training in the afternoon ( I wear gym clothes all day to keep me accountable lol) and meditation a few minutes in between during the day. I also work on toning and correcting which is crucial for those holiday parties.

  1. Keep Your Diet Clean As Possible
    Now this is my biggest challenge! I love to eat good and drink better so my diet is never the best. Im constantly working on improving but just flat out clean eating doesn’t work. Currently my friend is portion control and daily supplements that add vitamins and additional servings of fruits and veggies that help keep me regular and energized.

Now I cant tell you what works for you, but these help keep me sane, sexy, ad confident especially when your layered up when the weather changes. Hopefully these help!

If you have any questions about the products I use just drop me a line!

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