Shooting the FENTYxPuma Jelly Slides


Rihanna. Puma. Rihanna and Puma together makes me scream with joy. Add some dope slides and you get the FENTYxPuma Jelly slides that were released last Thursday to the public. I am not gonna lie… I was geeked to be shooting the fentyxpuma jelly slides how I felt was right. Yeah- I was shooting the fentyxpuma jelly slides right when they were released!

Content creating is my new joy. It took a while for me to realize that is precisely what blogging has turned into. We get a product or an idea and we have create (typically) visual content from it. Most choose to wear the outfit, snap a few pics and keep it moving. I see more. I always see it as practice to not only up 10thLetterVisuals photography game up but also exercise my creativity. I try to run Comme Coco like a magazine. I am the editor in chief and creative director and assistant photo editor.

My process is pretty simple. I have gathered loads and loads of inspiration albums on my iphone and computer. I keep them all in categories. When I receive a new product or I have a outfit I styled to shoot, I look through my inspiration and run with it. Jermaine and I get together and discuss locations. He is the location scouter for Comme Coco and ALWAYS comes through with the dopest of spots. He knows what I like and never disappoints. It also helps that is always driving around- between daddy chauffering and just errands, he just rides around. After we find a location we go there and do our best to create magic. I tailor my poses for the area. Lately I like grit. Give me all the grit because frankly I have not been in a sing songy happy mood.

For this campaign I received the slides around 5pm and I had a 10pm instagram posting deadline. I already knew I wanted to shoot somewhere with tons of graffiti and I also wanted a laundromat scene. So J got me the graffiti area that I wanted and trusty google maps got me a nearby laundromat.

But in true Jen fashion. Nothing goes smoothly. 10 minutes after we got in our cars to drive to the location, thunder and lightning invaded the skies! Full out scary thunderstorm. But we did it anyway. I was kinda a drowned rat and the location was super disgusting because of the rain but with his help, I got through and we delivered some awesome shots for the campaign!

If you are planning on purchasing these FENTYxPuma jelly slides and want a reference, I am typically a size 8. I have very wide, flat feet and in the slides I am wearing a 7.5 and they are comfy enough.

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