A midi skirt never fails to make me feel ultra feminine. I’ve been eyeing these types of skirts from chicwish for a while and finally got it for summer! This look is perfect for a summer wedding or any other fancy event that requires you to dress elegantly. A little tip on choosing the perfect midi skirt. Full midi skirts are perfect for a slender structure because it gives an illusion of having curves. I went for a floral printed midi skirt mainly because the florals stand out a lot more and is a statement on its own.

Images By Farai

Skirt/Romwe, Heels/JustFab, Top/TKMaxx, Bag/Zara

You know how we all rave about summer and the fantastic trips and vacations we will take during summer. Some of us even work out way in advance to have the perfect 6 pack or abs in readiness for the long awaited summer. Personally, I have planned on taking a holiday or two, get my driving out of the way and basically spend more time doing fun things with Farai. However, I realised that sometimes not everything goes according to plan. And before we know it, summer will be over. Others would have gone on the perfect vacation in Phuket or sunny Mykonos, whereas others would spend the entire summer working. The point I am driving at is, just chill and enjoy summer as it comes . If the weekend is sunny with tops of 20 degrees celsius and you hardly planned anything, why not just take a walk to the park or have a spontaneous BBQ or better still road trip to the sea coast.

However, this is what we do with summer ! We fill it with hope and expectations. The shimmering 3 months of the year, when we put our lives on hold and project everything we would like to be ( i.e to be thinner, get tanned, look sexier, more sociable)onto it. We treat summer like it’s something we can control or something to be tamed . And yet the best summer I ever had was the one that took me by complete surprise.

It was the summer of 2015. I was at a point of giving up on finding love and I was aware that one of my close friends was going to be relocating to Zambia at the start of 2016. The truth was that I knew it would be my last summer with her in the UK so it was a bitter sweet phase and I just wanted to find someone to share my crazy fun world with.

I had my fair share of cheeky late nights, 2-4-1 cocktails and clubbing. The truth is, I stopped worrying so much about having everything figured out and just enjoyed every minute of the present. I spent from June to the last dying days of August saying yes to everything that came my way – parties, night outs, picnics, BBQs…and, as a result, my summer took off. I didn’t necessarily make new friends but I did spend more time with my old friends. I even met Farai during that period. Looking back I smile because I simply let my guard down and took a chance at love again . If you know me on personal level, you would know that at some point I just didn’t trust any soul . But hey I took a chance and really it was a blessing.

So this summer, my advice to you is this; don’t just plan plan plan, try to live it instead. Keep your mind and options open because the moments that change your life are the ones that take you by surprise.

Hope you have a great weekend . Any holidays planned this summer or you are just chilling for the moment?

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