I’m stagnant at the moment in regards to my ambitions and goals. I’m not failing, but I feel like I’m not progressing either – or at least I can’t see it. I’ve planted over 100 seeds in the ground, and it seems not one of them has yet to even peep through the dirt. Prior to writing this blog post, each and everyday I would think of something I could do to get some momentum going; however, nothing worked. Everything seemed contrived.

I went to a hot yoga class last week to relieve some stress, and it seemed to have been the hardest yoga class I had experienced all year. In between poses, almost the entire class was huffing, puffing, and fidgeting – attempting to persevere. The instructor noticed our restless exhaustion and said, “the best thing you can do in between poses is nothing….conserve your energy.” Her words got the wheels in my head turning. I began to analyze and compare my current yoga circumstance to what was going on in my life. The hard yoga poses were similar to the goals I’m trying to reach. The moments in between the poses symbolized the times when nothing is happening which makes me anxious to get to the next pose or the next step in life because the waiting process is agonizing. But (as the teacher put it) in doing nothing during that process I allow myself the time to just exist in the moment, as well as prepare myself mentally and physically for the next pose – or for what’s to come in life.

After making it through that yoga class and allowing the teacher’s words to sit in my spirit, I came to the conclusion that the best action for my current state is no action at all. It takes a great deal of faith (that I sometimes lack) to take my hands off everything and just be. I told myself that if I really trust what I’ve manifested, did my part, and believed that it will come to pass – then I should have no problem embracing this current intermission. Now is the time for me to sit back and let my angels work while I rest more, research more, be lazy, enjoy Sunday mornings, people watch, polish my nails while jamming to Leikeli47, take long baths surrounded by candles, catch up on some documentaries, sit in silence, etc. Because if I haven’t learned anything else about life, I’ve definitely learned that change is inevitable…nothing stays the same. And I’ve also learned that if you try to force things to happen, you interfere with life’s beautiful process which results in even more setbacks.

When you get the chance to restore and revitalize, take advantage of it – because before you know it…the yogi will be saying, “next pose!”

Being still,

– Samjah Iman

P.S. – This slip dress was given to me by my mother….she’s had it since the 90’s.

Sustaining the planet one recycled garment at a time.

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