The Student Body Ep. 7: When Times Get Hard



Xander Nicholas thought it was hard for him already after he got fired from Buzzfeed.  But times are about to get harder for him with an eviction and an expulsion from Nagrom State University.  Xander has no choice but to move in with his abusive foster parents.  What will he do when times get hard? Will Dream Visions be the cure to his problems or his Demise?

Fun Facts:

Fun Fact #1: Episode 7 was inspired by an episode of Tim and Erics Bedtime Stories called “The Endorsement”.  It’s about Jason Schwatzman begrudgingly agrees to endorse the latest Strussel watch, only after his agent guarantees that he will neither be conscious for nor remember the product photo shoot. 

Fun Fact #2: The name of the off campus housing complex Xander stay’s in is called Nagrom Place.  Inspired by the 90’s show Melroseplace.

Fun Fact #3: The opening scene was orginally going to be Xander laying in a pool of blood with his foster mom standing above him.  Dressed like a Dead President

Fun Fact #4: Xander has a crush on porn star Tiffany Tailor.

Fun Fact #5: Besides being a editor Xander is also a male model.  

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