The Student Body Ep. 8: Dream Visions


Discription:Latisha has had it with Dream Visions after unknowingly playing a hand in her BoyFriend Xander’s Organ Heist.  Getting out would be easily except Darius stands over her with all of his power and influence.  But are the seeds to Darius demise being planted?

Fun Facts:

Fun Fact #1: Episode 8 is the first continuing episode in the series

Fun Fact#2: Dream Visions is a Network Marketing Company and it was inspired by Dream Ventures and Wake Up Now.

Fun Fact #3: Detective Conan and Detective Harris get their names from characters in other media.  Jimmy Kudo from Case Closed which also called Detective Conan in Japan.  Denzel Washingtons character in Training Day Alonzo Harris (Which happen to be his actual name).

Fun Fact #4: Darius is a dead beat dad.

Fun Fact #5: It took close to two months to produces.  The longests out of every episode in the series.

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