The Top 5 Problems That Actors Have



As an actress, there is a process when preparing to film or rehearse a scene. There are many things an actor has to be aware of, such as, the character, the environment, purpose, previous events that occurred and the other characters. There is a specific script analysis technique that I use for preparation that keeps me mindful of all of those things.

Creativity with the craft follows educating yourself with the craft; classes and coaching can assist with the conditioning of working with others and honing the skills of making your acting natural. Only you can make it authentic because of your openness and vulnerability as an artist.

I was once told by one of my acting teachers that acting is a combination of reacting and being; “acting” has nothing to do with it. Then, creatively I can draw from my experiences to evoke emotions for the characters I play. Also, my perspective is based off of my education and interests; they allow me to understand how that character will be in a scene, that is what artists call “choices.”

As an actress, I become great through growth; I am a work in progress and I will continue to learn.


For me, this is the part that stings the most for an artist. As a new professional actor, I am still learning how to navigate this maze. It’s mostly made up of financial discipline, building a network and forming business relationships with others within the industry.

Financially, it is hard because it dictates how I am able to get to vital events to help me advance. The monetary strain comes from your simple lifestyle expenses, such as, general household bills, transportation costs, food, wardrobe, etc and in my case, add college expenses. What I am especially learning is that to be focused, one needs structure in their life. Success is assisted by routine

In conclusion, you have the networking side which in today’s world having a strong presence on social media (i.e- Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube) is vital to one’s career. Keep in mind, caution is key to the success of this nature. Be mindful of the content you share and the comments you post. The world is watching. Stay true to your beliefs and enjoy your journey.

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