Travel In Style: The Prep’s Packing Guide


Hey y’all! As with many holiday travelers this week I’m getting all packed for my trip home soon… So I thought why not share some travel tips for maximizing the space in your suitcase! I’m excited to go home to Atlanta on Tuesday, but it’s a habit for me to take more than I actually need and this trip is no different! I typically bring two outfits for each day on my trip, for me that’s ten days so twenty outfits! Thanks to Southwest, at least I can make it all fit between my two checked bags (free, my favorite price)!

As I start to list my outfits and get organized before tossing stuff in the suitcase, I realized the way I packed for my recent trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving was efficient and allowed me to bring everything I wanted – instead of leaving stuff at home because I ran out of room (which is typically what I go through).

The tips that allowed me to travel in style were pretty beneficial and I wanted to share them with you to help you prepare for your next trip!

1. Roll up to save space. Starting with an empty suitcase I roll up all undergarments and slips, socks and tights then put them between the metal bars of the suitcase.

2. Layer up the clothes! Button all shirts before folding. Fold tops, bottoms and dresses to lay flat across the suitcase. Fold blazers inside out to prevent wrinkles.

3. Bag up shoes! I love this Kate Spade shoe bag. Throw pairs of shoes into the bags and put pairs of pumps with the toe of the shoe “kissing” the heel/ankle of the other shoe. For sneakers and flats, they can rest on the pile of clothes with the heel flat down as if the shoes were simply placed on the floor. I typically wear boots during the trip on the plane since they can take up a lot of suitcase room. Another cheaper option is to use shower caps or plastic Ziploc storage bags for shoes to keep them from dirtying up clothing.

4. Use tricks to pack cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories. Grab power cords and throw them in an old sunglasses case. Squeeze foundation or primer into a contact lens case instead of taking the full tube or container. Put earrings and rings in empty pill bottles. You can bundle up all the jewelry in bottles and toss them in a makeup bag to keep the same items together and easy to find when you reach your destination.

5. Travel in layers. The famous jet setter style is all about layers! Travel wearing the thickest items you want to take on your trip, including outerwear, scarves, sweaters and boots.

6. Bring an empty water bottle. It’s no secret airport food and beverage prices are available at a premium price. Pack an empty water bottle to fill up after you get through Security checkpoint.

7. Make laptops and liquids in carry-ons easy to access. I always use my laptop sleeve in my tote and have all toiletries in one Ziploc bag. That makes it easy to grab them and move quickly through TSA Security.

8. Luggage tags are more than decoration!This Kate Spade one is too cute! It makes finding your bag quick and easy when you arrive at the airport and are waiting at the carousel. And if your bag ever gets lost, having your contact info filled out means you’ll be reconnected soon once someone else finds it.

Some of these tips might sound funny but they work! Try them out and it might save you time packing, space in your suitcase and the agony of having to leave something at home you want to take!

If you’re traveling this holiday, I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy spending time with family and loved ones!

What is your tried-and-true traveling hack? Tell me in a comment below.

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