Travel Style: Goddess of the Desert


Ok- I am being a little extra with this blog post title. I mean, real talk, Travel Style: Goddess of the Desert is far from humble. Its as far as possible for me. But honestly these pictures are so amazing that I cannot help but TOOT my little horn. I have been really proud of myself and the quality content that I have been producing so yes I am confidently exclaiming it on the blog!

It always takes a team to produce great visuals. Typically its just the two of us from 10th Letter Visuals who do the work but for this “shoot”, I was blessed enough to have Tosha Eason and a combo of Monroe Steele and my sis Claudia Jean-Pierre behind the camera. While Tosha shot the tight shots and the shots from the front, I asked the other two to give me different angles because I really wanted alot of variety. Plus my hair and this dress were looking pretty amazeballs lol!

I have spoken a little about my process before so I will not go into detail again about that but I am happy to say that I typically creative direct my shoots, direct the photographer (but J is getting pretty awesome on his own), know my poses, and do all the editing after. The really fun part for me is that my shoots typically do not last longer than 30 minutes. I just do not have the energy for long drawn out anything and photo shoots are the same. I have learned my angles and I always know the mood I want to display prior to stepping “on set”.

Speaking of “on set”, I kinda want to dip my toe back into acting but we shall see. That story is to be continued…..

These photos were taken in Yucca Valley and more specifically Flamingo Rocks while we were on travel. My travel style is typically pretty casual and comfy with dashes of exuberance in the form of earrings or shoes. Before leaving for California, I stopped by South Moon Under in National Harbor focused on finding this Palm Print dress. I saw it online and wanted it BAD. When I saw it on the rack AND in my size, I did a little dance. Trust me the sales team there became family with all the dorky things I was doing while shopping.

Although I do have a little too much waist and thighs for this dress, I still adore it. I think I need to drop an inch or two so that it glides along my curves a little smoother and so it stays closed hahaah. If you are thinking of purchasing it here are my measurements so you can get an idea.

Bust: 36.5 inches
Waist @belly button: 34.5 inches
Hips: 43.75 inches

Regardless of how it fit though, this travel style was Goddess of the Desert all the way. Thank you so much to the wonderful ladies who helped me create this and thank you to my amazing hair stylist, Alisa of Cosmo Crush for this flawless weave using Johann Hair!

I love shooting with my sister. Thank you for coming Claud!

FYI: I could have easily photo-shopped my arms dangling in this photo but I aim to be as transparent as possible. I have not put in the work in the gym so I should not display something other than what is real.

So tell me…… is my travel style: Goddess of the Desert worthy?

Thank you so much Mary for this beautiful cuff as well. I appreciate you so much!

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