What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of Consistent Blogging


It’s almost been ONE full year that I’ve been blogging consistently, and gosh has been a ride! A good ride lol, yet a ride. I decided late last summer that I wanted to pick back up blogging after I’ve been blogging on and off for YEARS. I did this because I wanted a space to connect with my followers and promote the products that I’ve been dreaming off for years.

At the time, I was a bit hesitant to start again because of the mast amount of blogs that already exits on the web. It wasn’t until I read a comment about competition from a fellow blogger Mary Orton. I can’t remember it word for word, so I’ll paraphrase it “There are tons restaurants, yet that doesn’t stop other restaurants from opening up” . Once I read this, I realize it’s all about be unique  and yourself.

These are the 5 biggest lessons that stood out to me so far.


I have the terrible habit of starting something and not following through with it. Yikes, I promised myself I would stop, but girl it happened again. I had a setback earlier this year, and I stopped blogging for two months. I saw following drop off and engagement ceased because the content was consist.


Instagram can be blessing and curse because try as you might, the trap of comparison happens. I still struggle with this on a daily basis; I remind myself that God made only one me. I have talents that no one else has.


Have a plan and sticking with it when it comes to the content planner is one of the biggest lessons that I learned thus far. I love planning, but sticking with the plan not so much lol! I love the quote “If fail to plan, then you plan to fail” I’m not afraid to fail. I believe “failing” means you need to try it a different way. In the beginning, I didn’t have a planner with a large calendar, now I do, and I write down all of my ideas, and it’s helping me stay on task.


When I first started out, I was pitching myself to the brands that I loved. 90% of the time I wouldn’t hear anything back. Sometimes I would listen to back, and it would be a no, but I loved that no. I was so proud that I could actually pitch myself to a brand and hear back! I plan on doing tons more pitch shortly.


Lately, I have noticed bloggers working together and creating content. I believe this is an excellent idea because you get to connect with the blogging community and grow your brand together. If you’re a local Cleveland blogger and want to work together, please email me at hello@simplytieranie and let’s chat!

Okay loves, what are the greatest lessons that you’re either learning or learned?

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