Why writers love National Library Week


When DJ Khaled made the lyrical announcement that he wasn’t really checkin for “No New Friends” I happily sang along in agreeance. Deciding my inner circle was already stretched to max capacity,

I toured the world with a blissful ignorance that left me blind to the ever-looming growing pains of change.

When I finally decided that I was going be a writer, and no longer simply a person who writes, one of the very first things I went looking for was a place to let my skills lose. It needed to be quiet and relatively close to my neighborhood. It needed to have space for thinking, reading, writing, and researching. It needed to be a place of community, one where I could work to enhance my writing skills and build a better person as well.

I found my way to the local library and have been spewing creativity ever since. That’s why in honor of National Library Week I decided to interview my blogging buddy, Marliceia Chavers. She’s the creator and curator of LoveStyle blogging, a writing style that caters to self-love, self-care, and creating a phenomenal life. She creates workbooks, blog posts, and daily affirmations to help women fall in love with their inner beauty. She’s also one of Birmingham’s best makeup artists with a wide array of looks ranging from natural beauty to glam! Marliceia is a Godsend, I was praying for an accountability partner he gave me so much more.

We also spend a couple hours per week together at the library, thankful for the plethora of resources and stability it provides.

Marliceia Chavers

What is blogging buddy?

A blogging buddy is a fellow blogger who posts on a consistent basis that functions as a support system to help you stay on track as a blogger. In short, it is an accountability partner. However, my personal blogging buddy is much more than a mere accountability partner, she is my Delta Sigma Theta Soror and she has become more like a sister and friend. Blogging together has not only made us closer but has also helped us brainstorm on how we can take our blogging to new heights and incorporate business pursuits related to our writing/blogging both corporately and individually.

How did you meet your blogging buddy?

My blogging buddy Jasmine and I are in a writing organization called See Jane Write, LLC. In this group, our fearless leader hosts a Facebook group where we all can chat about our blogs, get help, and receive virtual assistance. Every November, many of us embark on a journey to post a blog every day for “Blog Like Crazy”, which is a challenge, created by the founder, Javacia Harris Bowser. My blog had just launched November 1, 2017, and about a week before, I saw Jasmine make a request for a writing buddy. I responded to her request and we had our first meeting at Church Street Coffee & Books. Now, the rest is history. We still meet every Monday or Tuesday and sometimes we will have a full day of meeting on a Friday or Saturday. We have both vowed to always meet at least one day a week to help keep us on track.

Jasmine is an amazing blogger and buddy. The name of her blog is Season 26 and she speaks on faith-based principles and how to practically apply them to life. She also hosts a related Facebook group called the Queendom, which is very inspirational and helps us as women walk through life with our sisters in Christ. Be sure to subscribe to her amazing and inspirational blog as well as follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

How has your writing improved since having a blogging buddy?

My writing has become more consistent and I have developed my own voice of writer due to the accountability of keeping up with my commitment to producing new content every Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve also learned how to not be too technical and wordy. I have the tendency to be a little long-winded at times, which causes my point to be lost in translation. I’ve learned how to better structure my writing so that my audience gets the most out of what I am saying.

Where do you all meet?

We have two primary meeting places. One is the Homewood Public Library and the second is O’Henry’s Coffee in Brookwood Villiage here in Birmingham, AL. The library is our favorite though because it provides us with privacy and a quiet place to write and discuss ideas as well as plan new and exciting adventures. This is why I must say cheers to National Library Week for helping communities around the world explore and grow!

Why is Homewood Library a good place for creativity?

Well because it’s a library. Lol! You have unlimited resources that can spark creativity from books, to videos, to cd’s, etc. It also provides a serene environment for one to brainstorm and think clearly and creatively, so it’s awesome. Now all they need is a Starbucks attached and it will be perfection.

Why is the library a staple in every community?

Public libraries allow everyone to explore the world right in their own community. It helps everyone that utilizes it expand their knowledge and their reach. The library provides a safe haven for learning, creating, and studying. It’s a place where everyone is the same, yet different and it is perfectly okay. I can’t imagine having grown up without access to a library. It has definitely played an integral part in me becoming a reader and an avid writer.

Why is the library important to you as a writer?

The answer is simple. The library helps me to learn and grow by leaps and bounds. It is a place where I can be my best self and explore. Most of all, it helps keep me focused and successful in my pursuits while there.

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