Zoe Ever After Is A Comedy About Starting Over And Self-Discovery


Tuesday I watched the series premiere of the super sassy and modern BET show Zoe Ever After. It’s a fresh and relatable take on what happens when one decides to make the hard decision to change his/her familiar (and unhealthy) circumstances for the better. It stars Brandy Norwood, Dorian Missick, Ignacio Serricchio and Tory Devon Smith.

The show is about Zoe Moon (Brandy Norwood) trying to find her voice and step out of her soon-to-be ex husband’s shadow. After growing tired of her husband Gemini’s (Dorian Missick) cheating ways, Zoe decides to end their marriage, start her own cosmetics line and raise their eight-year-old son on her own. Unfortunately none of her plans have turned out the way she hoped. Her divorce isn’t finalized and Gemini continues to pursue her. Her office space has air conditioning and plumbing problems, and her son Xavier keeps running away.

I love this series because it shows how one can experience many obstacles (big and small) and still fight to keep it together and be fabulous at the same time. I also love the quick witty one-liners from Zoe’s flamboyant assistant Valente and the zany man-crazy antics of her publicist/best friend Pearl. I will definitely be tuning into BET every Tuesday to see how everything unfolds.

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